• Is the software free of charge?
    The software can be tested for 7 days free of charge (one month in case of being a member at the EWPips community). After that the software has to be subscribed at a monthly basis. There are no additional costs using special parts the software.
    The provided licence ends with the end of subscription. There is no automatic charging.
  • Is the software protected?
    Yes, the software is protected by a licencing environment. You need a valid licence to use the software.
  • I have no access to Internet. Will licensing still work?
    No, and it does not make any sense. A software for stock markets needs an internet connection to download the chart data.
  • How can I examine the current license status?
    You can check the licence status after login at "My Software".
  • How can I remove a license from my PC?

    If you no longer require a license on a particular PC, you can run the Visual-Waves deactivation software.
    This will deactivate the license for that machine, and you can then re-use this slot on a different machine.

    If it is no more possible to run the deactivation software, you can disable a slot after login at "My Software".

  • How many installations can be made?

    After installation, you have to register the software via the Visual-Waves server. Normally there is a default of max 2 installations (e.g PC and Laptop).

    You can check the amount of possible installations under "My Software" -> "Licences" -> "Details"

  • At my environment, installing requires an administrator account. How do I activate?

    If you install the software with administrative rights, but the admin will not be the end-user, do the followling steps:

    1. Install with admin rights

    2. Login as desired user and activate by specifying the product-key and the licence-id. Both can be found at "My Software" -> "Licences"