The American author Ralph Nelson Elliott (1871 – 1948), developed by studying stock market data the Elliott wave principle is a form of technical analysis that traders use to analyze financial markets.
Since there are a plenty of books written about this, you can find a selection of good readings from beginner to specialist here.

English books


Brian Shannon
Maximum Trading Gains With Anchored VWAP - The Perfect Combination of Price, Time & Volume

Bryan Shannon   Maximum Trading Gains

His second book targeting VWAP trading.
Brian Shannon is a professional trader for more about 25 years. He uses the VWAP intensively.

Brian Shannon
Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes

Bryan Shannon   Multiple Timeframes

 His first book targeting VWAP trading.
One of the best trading books ever written.



German books


Auf den Pip

The Masterclass of the EWPips Community.

Learn how they adapt the EW-Theory and how they trade with less effort.

Andre Tiedje
Elliott-Wellen leicht verständlich

Condensing the important Elliot Waves facts on 239 pages.

Karin Roller
Kursziele bestimmen mit Fibonacci

 A short guide how to trade with Fibonacci Levels

Robert R Prechter
Das Elliott-Wellen-Prinzip

 The Elliot Waves reference


English books

Robert R Prechter
Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior